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Welcome to the new standards store for the American Nuclear Society. Our partner at Techstreet is the official outlet for all ANS standards. You will need to create an account to make a purchase if new to Techstreet.

New and Featured Publications:
2008771 ANS 57.3-2018, Design Requirements for New Fuel Storage Facilities at Light Water Reactor Plants
This standard defines the required functions of dry storage facilities for new fuel at light water reactor nuclear power plants.
2006743 ANS 2.10-2017, Criteria for Retrieval, Processing, Handling, and Storage of Records from Nuclear Facility Seismic Instrumentation
Provides criteria for the timely retrieval and the subsequent processing, handling, and storage of data obtained from nuclear power plant and non-power nuclear facility strong-motion analog and digital seismic instrumentation.
2003110 ANS 8.24-2017, Validation of Neutron Transport Methods for Nuclear Criticality Safety
This standard provides requirements and recommendations for validation, including establishing applicability, of neutron transport calculational methods used in determining critical or subcritical conditions for nuclear criticality safety analyses.
1994109 ANS 19.4-2017, A Guide for Acquisition and Documentation of Reference Power Reactor Physics Measurements for Nuclear Analysis Verification
This standard specifies and provides requirements for the reference measurements of reactor geometry, reactivity, and operation parameters in light water power reactors.
1952121 ANS 19.11-2017, Calculation and Measurement of the Moderator Temperature Coefficient of Reactivity for Water Moderated Power Reactors
This standard provides guidance and specifies criteria for determining the MTC in PWRs.
1936706 ANS 18.1-2016, Radioactive Source Term for Normal Operation of Light Water Reactors
This standard provides a set of typical radionuclide concentrations for estimating the radioactivity in the principal fluid systems of light water reactors and for projecting the expected releases of radioactivity from nuclear plants.
1930790 ANS 2.2-2016, Earthquake Instrumentation Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants
This standard specifies the required earthquake instrumentation at the site and on Seismic Category I structures of light-water-cooled, land-based nuclear power plants.
1809929 ANS 2.3-2011 (R2016), Estimating Tornado, Hurricane, and Extreme Straight Line Wind Characteristics at Nuclear Facility Sites
his standard establishes guidelines to estimate the frequency of occurrence and the magnitude of parameters associated with rare meteorological events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme straight line winds at nuclear facility sites within the continental United States.
1890249 ANS 8.15-2014, Nuclear Criticality Safety Control of Selected Actinide Nuclides
This standard provides single parameter limits for operations with 233U, 235U, and 239Pu.

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