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Welcome to the new standards store for the American Nuclear Society. Our partner at Techstreet is the official outlet for all ANS standards. You will need to create an account to make a purchase if new to Techstreet.

New and Featured Publications:
2093995 ANS 8.23-2019, Nuclear Criticality Accident Emergency Planning and Response
This standard provides criteria for minimizing risks to personnel during emergency response to a nuclear criticality accident outside reactors.
2080603 ANS 58.8-2019, Time Response Criteria for Manual Actions at Nuclear Power Plants
This standard establishes criteria and methods for identifying, calculating, validating, tracking, and documenting time requirements for the performance of nuclear power plant time-limited manual actions that are associated with either design-basis events (DBEs) or licensing basis.
2077536 ANS 19.1-2019, Nuclear Data Sets for Reactor Design Calculations
The purpose of this standard is to provide criteria for the use of nuclear data in reactor design calculations.
2040225 ANS 16.1-2019, Measurement of the Leachability of Solidified Low-Level Radioactive Wastes by a Short-Term Test Procedure
This standard provides a procedure to measure and index the release rates of non-volatile radionuclides from low-level radioactive waste forms in demineralized water over a test period.
1894076 ANS 5.1-2014 (R2019), Decay Heat Power in Light Water Reactors
ANS 5.1-2014 (R2019) sets forth values for the decay heat power from fission products and actinides following shutdown of light water reactors (LWRs) using nuclear fuel initially containing 235U and 238U.
2090333 ANS 3.5-2018, Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Use in Operator Training and Examination
This standard establishes the functional requirements for full-scope nuclear power plant control room simulators that are subject to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulation for use in operator training and examination.
1878629 ANS 8.1-2014 (R2018), Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissionable Materials Outside Reactors
This standard is applicable to operations with fissionable materials outside nuclear reactors, except for the assembly of these materials under controlled conditions, such as critical experiments.
1219307 ANS 2.26-2004 (R2017), Categorization of Nuclear Facility Structures, Systems, and Components for Seismic Design
This standard provides: (i) criteria for selecting the Seismic Design Category (SDC) for nuclear facility structures, systems, and components (SSCs) to achieve earthquake safety and (ii) criteria and guidelines for selecting Limit States for these SSCs to govern their seismic design.
1894075 ANS 3.1-2014, Selection, Qualification and Training of Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants
This standard provides criteria for the selection, qualification, and training of personnel for nuclear power plants.

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