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Provide the parent document for a family of mezzanine cards to be used on single slot VME boards, Multibus boards and desktop computers and other computer applications. Also provide the common mechanical definition and common referenced environmental specification for this family of mezzanine cards. These mezzanine cards will be used to provide modular front panel I/O, rear connector I/O and/or general function expansion for host computers.


Several of the popular RISC and CISC microprocessors are using the same logial and electrical layer for their high speed local bus. These same RISC and CISC processors are being incorporated onto single slot VME boards, Multibus boards, desktop computers and other types of computer system. There is a large market need for modular I/O and modular local function expansion via low profile mezzanine cards. This proposed standard will be the parent document for a series of mezzanine cards, plus will define the base line mechanics for these mezzanine cards that can be used on VME, Multibus, desktop computers and other computer based applications with a similar need. The mechanical definition will be based on IEEE 1301.4 and the other hard metric mechanical standards. A suggested set of environmental standards will be referenced for the environmental layer.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. Administratively withdrawn January 2007. The mechanics of a common mezzanine card (CMC) family are defined in this standard.Mezzanine cards, designed to this standard, can be used interchangeably on VME, VME64 andVME64x boards, CompactPCI A? boards, Multibus A? I and II boards, desktop computers, portablecomputers, servers, and other similar types of applications. Mezzanine cards can provide modularfront panel I/O, backplane I/O or general function expansion or a combination for host computers.Single, wide mezzanine cards are 75 mm wide by 150 mm deep by 8.2 mm high.