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This standard defines tester-independent conformance test procedures for Futurebus+. Specifically, this standard includes test procedures for verifying a module's conformance to the requirements of ISO/IEC 10857 : 19941 and sections 3 and 4 of IEEE Std 896.2-1991. This standard does not include test procedures for physical layer or performance-related requirements defined by the profile specification sections of IEEE Std 896.2-1991 or of any other Futurebus+ standards. Because the requirements contained in the non-profile sections of ISO/IEC 10857 : 1994 and IEEE Std 896.2-1991 are for the logical layer, this is primarily a logical layer test standard. Section 9 contains tests for those electrical requirements that are: a) part of ISO/IEC 10857 : 1994 and b) not profile specific. Since the majority of the requirements for the bus signaling environment are contained in profiles, the tests in section 9 of this standard are not, nor are they intended to be, a complete set of electrical tests for any Futurebus+ profile. Similarly, section 4 of IEEE Std 896.2-1991 contains mainly description and points to profile for the requirements governing the implementation of live insertion. Since this is the case, no live insertion tests are included in this standard. Readers interested in tests for these requirements should look to ongoing standardization efforts for Futurebus+ electrical and live insertion requirements and for Futurebus+ profiles. This standard is intended for use in verifying the conformance of Futurebus+ modules to the Futurebus+ family of standards. Some of the information may be useful in performing production tests and tests that measure a module's level of performance, but these types of testing are not within the scope of this standard. This standard is intended for the use of Futurebus+ manufacturers, users, and third-party test agencies. Use of a single test standard should allow different testers to arrive at similar test results.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. A suite of abstract test cases for verifying the conformance of products based on the Futurebus+ family of standards and a means of selecting the exact set of test cases necessary for testing any given product are provided. The test suite is abstract in that it was not created with a specific test environment in mind. It can be effectively used in conjunction with logic simulators during product development as well as with physical testers after prototype or production units are available. This standard is intended for use by Futurebus+ product suppliers and users and by independent test labs. Consistent use of this standard should promote comparability and, thereefore, mutual recognition of test results produced by different testers.

Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. IEEE 896.4a-1995

    IEEE Standard for Conformance Test Requirements for Futurebus+(R) - Errata, Corrections and Clarifications