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This International Standard defines the address-space maps, the bus transaction sets, and the nodea??s CSRs. The intention is to provide a sufficient and standard framework for the design of vendor-dependent unit architectures. The specification includes the format and content of the configuration ROM on the node. The configuration ROM provide the parameters necessary to autoconfigure systems with nonprocessor nodes provided by multiple vendors. Note that a monarch selection process, which selects one processor to boot the system, is not defined. A monarch selection process would be necessary to initialize a system containing processors provided by different vendors. The annexes provide background for understanding the usage of this CSR Architecture specification. The CSR Architecture provides the specification upon which conforming designs should be based. The annex clauses illustrate ways that these capabilities could be used. Note that the annexes are nonbinding.


New IEEE Standard - Active. The document structure and notation are described, and the objectives and scope of the CSR Architecture are outlined. Transition set requirements, node addressing, node architectures, unit architectures, and CSR definitions are set forth. The ROM specification and bus standard requirements are covered.