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Describes the challenge faced by the design team for a Canadian prison of meeting the stringent emissions and energy consumption targets of Canada's Environmental Stewardship programme. Gives the reasons for selecting geothermal heat pumps comprising a combination of horizontally buried piping and vertical piping in bore holes, with more that 28,000 ft ((8530 m) of pipe installed in two separate loops. 21 water-to-water heat pumps are installed in mechanical rooms around the complex. High-efficiency propane-fired domestic hot water tanks provide DHW and supplementary heat for the heat pump systems. There is provision on each floor for the addition of a supplementary solar heating component, and its use was demonstrated in one section., In-floor radiant heating provides space heating for the facility. Thirty packaged heat recovery ventilator units provide ventilation for most areas. Notes the additional use of spiral (slinky) piping and of new refrigerant blends in several heat pumps to examine the capabilities of the design. States the project was completed on budget, with no appreciable premium for mechanical system costs and is an ASHRAE 1999 Technology Award-winner.



Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 41, no. 8, August 1999