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Points out that medium temperature display cases consume roughly 18% of the total electricity used by a supermarket. Open multideck meat/dairy/delicatessen cases can contribute up to 25% of the refrigeration energy consumption. Reports a series of tests conducted by that a Southern California energy supply company on two generations of a leading manufacturer's refrigerated, open, multideck meat display cases to evaluate their performance with respect to energy efficiency and product temperature maintenance. Concentrates on energy-efficiency and ignores cost-related attributes. Illustrates the cases schematically and summarises in a table the manufacturer's specifications for the two cases. Supplies and discusses the findings. Concludes that the newer model, with improved evaporator coil and air curtain designs plus efficient lighting systems, is clearly more energy-efficiency than its predecessor, giving system power use savings of roughly 35%, with further advantages for case cooling and post-defrost product temperature rise.


Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 41, no. 8, August 1999