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ANSI X9.92-1?2009 (R2017) defines methods for digital signature generation and verification for the protection of messages and data giving partial message recovery.

This document is Part 1 of this Standard, and it defines the Elliptic Curve Pintsov-Vanstone Signature (ECPVS) digital signature algorithm. Part 2 of this Standard defines the Finite Field Pintsov-Vanstone Signature (FFPVS) digital signature algorithm.

ECPVS is a signature scheme with low message expansion (overhead) and variable length recoverable and visible message parts. ECPVS is ideally suited for short messages, yet is flexible enough to handle messages of any length.

The ECPVS shall be used in conjunction with an Approved hash function and an Approved symmetric encryption scheme. In addition, this ECPVS Standard provides the criteria for checking the message redundancy.