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Full Description

This standard establishes the file sequences, record types, and field formats to be used for the electronic exchange of check adjustment messages.

The standard format supports check related adjustment notices and requests for individual checks, bundles of checks, check cash letters and attachment of images. It supports the full range of adjustment types currently in use by financial institutions and will support web-based or mainframe system transmission. The standard may be used whether or not the particular check, bundle of checks, or cash letter was presented via paper or via an electronic check exchange file.

The informative annexes attached to this standard provide information, which may prove useful to those planning on implementing the standard. This standard does not address certain operational, implementation, or settlement issues. These issues may include, but are not limited to a choice of: data and image compression, encryption, and transmission specifications and data representation.

Document History

  1. X9 X9.100-183-2010 (R2017)


    Electronic Check Adjustments

    • Most Recent
  2. X9 X9.100-183-2009

    Specifications for Electronic Check Adjustments

    • Historical Version
  3. X9 DSTU X9.100-183-2005

    Specifications for Electronic Check Adjustments (Formerly X9.83-2003)

    • Historical Version