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Full Description

TAPPI TIP 0808-04 is to recommend construction and performance requirements for testing equipment in the design of a conditioned atmosphere test room. TAPPI T 402 Standard Conditioning and Testing Atmospheres for Paper, Board, Pulp Handsheets and Related Products(1) requires atmospheric conditions of 23 1C temperature and 50 2% relative humidity (RH) uniformly throughout the testing room. To attain these requirements, a room should be built with basic functional features. The information presented is intended to guide and to educate and therefore can be modified to meet the specific conditions required.

This is not an engineering treatise on how to construct a test room. Such information can be obtained in many engineering design books (see References). Various technical organizations have related standards that are of value (see References).

Document History

  1. TAPPI TIP 0808-04


    Paper test rooms: design considerations

    • Most Recent
  2. TAPPI TIP 0808-04

    Paper test rooms: design considerations

    • Historical Version
  3. TAPPI TIP 0808-04

    Paper Test Rooms: Design Considerations

    • Historical Version