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Full Description

TAPPI TIP 0304-74 is presented to serve as a guide in understanding the characteristics of hot melt adhesives used in packaging applications, the terms that are used to express these characteristics, and the factors that influence the adhesives' performance. This TIP also serves as a guide in understanding the components of hot melt application systems and their function in the dispensing cycle.

This TIP briefly describes the history of hot melt adhesives. It then explores adhesive characteristics and the meaning of the terms used to express these characteristics and factors that influence their performance. The TIP then focuses on the application process with some troubleshooting suggestions, and on the equipment and the function of each component in the dispensing cycle.

Document History

  1. TAPPI TIP 0304-74


    Understanding and Troubleshooting Hot Melt Adhesives

    • Most Recent
  2. TAPPI TIP 0304-74

    Understanding and Troubleshooting Hot Melt Adhesives

    • Historical Version