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About This Item


Full Description


This companion guide provides detailed information on the requirements of Standard 62.2-2016, and includes tables, illustrations, and examples to aid users in providing for acceptable indoor air quality in residential systems. The provisions of Standard 62.2 address mechanical and natural ventilation as well as air leakage in these buildings, and this user's manual provides concrete examples on how to apply the criteria set out by the standard.

Standard 62.2 User's Manual does not reproduce the requirements of the standard but rather paraphrases and elaborates upon them. Intended to be used in conjunction with the standard, this manual provides

  • Information on the intent and application of Standard 62.2
  • Sample calculations and examples
  • Best practices for avoiding foul odors and irritating contaminants
  • Guidance for whole-building and local exhaust ventilation
  • Valuable information on air-moving equipment
  • Specifi c examples and background material
  • Useful reference material

This manual is intended for residential HVAC contractors and installers, as well as residential builders, developers, and architects. It may also be useful to code offi cials and even discerning and technically savvy homeowners, real estate agents, and home appraisal professionals. This manual is written in clear, direct language, making it understandable to professionals and laymen alike.

Standard 62.2 User's Manual is an essential supplement for professionals concerned with ventilation and indoor air quality in residences. Use it alongside your copy of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2016.

In addition to offering immediate access to the content, the PDF download of this standard presents selected graphics in color for enhanced readability.


Document History

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    Standard 62.2-2016 User's Manual

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    Standard 62.2-2010 User's Manual

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  3. Standard 62.2-2004 User's Manual

    Standard 62.2-2004 User's Manual

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