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Full Description

This companion User's Manual to the 2014 edition of ASHRAE Standard 189.1 clarifies the intent and implementation of the standard by explaining the requirements and providing example applications. It is intended to help engineers, architects, and contractors understand and comply with Standard 189.1-2014 and to help code officials and others enforce the requirements of the standard.

Among the many changes to the 2014 edition of Standard 189.1, the minimum on-site renewable energy requirements have been adjusted to provide two clear prescriptive paths for including on-site renewable energy in a project. Minimum storm water management requirements have been added for minimizing the impact of storm water discharge from the project site. Two performance options now exist for demonstrating compliance with the minimum energy efficiency requirements. To reduce negative impacts associated with unintentional moisture migration through the building envelope, minimum moisture control requirements have been added.


Document History

  1. Standard 189.1-2014 User's Manual


    Standard 189.1-2014 User's Manual

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  2. Standard 189.1-2009 User's Manual

    Standard 189.1-2009 User's Manual

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