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Full Description

CJ-Series Composite Steel Joists are an excellent choice for floor framing. The open web steel joists can span long distances to create wide-open spaces. At the same time, they offer an excellent span-to-weight ratio, which decreases the overall weight and cost of the steel structure. A maximum span-to-depth ratio of 30 is greater than the typical roof joist span-to-depth ratio of 24 and allows for even shallower joists to achieve the wide column spacing. The open web construction of the joists allows MEP trades to run plumbing, electrical, and mechanical equipment through the joists rather than under the beams. This minimizes the overall floor depth, maximizing ceiling heights, and/or reducing the overall building height.

The latest updates to CJ-Series Composite Steel Joists include:
  • Welding (shop-assembly) section was rewritten to follow AWS D1.1, D1.3 with section 6.8 Acceptance Criteria.
  • K Factors for web and bottom chord were updated.
  • Require Q for all crimped angles at first bottom chord panel point.
  • Added erection stability equations.
  • Added single, rotated, uncrimped angle equations.
  • Added modified slenderness ratio check.
  • Updated joint eccentricity section.
  • Clarified the composite slab height variable, 'a' vs. 'A'.
  • Removed a statement regarding ignoring the top chord compositely.
  • Fixed a circular logic issue with the moment equation.
  • Clarified the minimum 50% composite action.