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About This Item


Full Description

This Laminated Glazing Reference Manual is an updated edition of the original manual developed by the Glass Association of North American (GANA) in 2009. This manual presents useful information, technical and performance data and the installation guidelines for laminated glass products. The 2019 edition includes the latest information on laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions of the applications of laminated architectural glass including: safety, solar control, ultraviolet radiation, sound control, security, sloped glazing & skylights, wind storms & hurricane resistance, and earthquake resistance. Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation are highlighted. This edition also features the up-to-date listing of standards applicable to laminated glass.

Document History

  1. Laminated Glazing Reference Manual (2019)


    Laminated Glazing Reference Manual (2019)

    • Most Recent
  2. Laminated Glazing Reference Manual (2009)

    Laminated Glazing Reference Manual (2009)

    • Historical Version