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The standard defines the building blocks comprising (i) network resource managers, (ii) device resource managers, and (iii) the information to be exchanged between the building blocks, for enabling coordinated network-device distributed decision making that will aid in the optimization of radio resource usage, including spectrum access control, in heterogeneous wireless access networks. The standard is limited to the architectural and functional definitions at a first stage. The corresponding protocols definition related to the information exchange will be addressed at a later stage.


The purpose is to improve overall composite capacity and quality of service of wireless systems in a multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATs) environment, by defining an appropriate system architecture and protocols that will facilitate the optimization of radio resource usage, in particular, by exploiting information exchanged between network and mobile Terminals, whether or not they support multiple simultaneous links and dynamic spectrum access.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Reserved.

Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. IEEE 1900.4a-2011

    IEEE Standard for Architectural Building Blocks Enabling Network-Device Distributed Decision Making for Optimized Radio Resource Usage in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks Amendment 1: Architecture and Interfaces for Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks in White Space Frequency Bands