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This standard specifies unique per-device identifiers (DevID) and the management and cryptographic binding of a device to its identifiers, the relationship between an initially installed identity and subsequent locally significant identities, and interfaces and methods for use of DevIDs with existing and new provisioning and authentication protocols.


This standard defines a standard identifier for IEEE 802 devices that is cryptographically bound to that device, and defines a standard mechanism to authenticate a devicea??s identity. This facilitates secure device provisioning.


Revision Standard - Active. A Secure Device Identifier (DevID) is cryptographically bound to a device and supports authentication of the devicea??s identity. An Initial Device Identifier (IDevID) provide by the supplier of a device can be supplemented by Local Device Identifiers (LDevIDs) facilitating enrollment (provisioning of authentication and authorization credentials) by local network administrators. (The PDF of this standard is available at no cost compliments of the IEEE GET Program at

Document History

  1. IEEE 802.1AR-2018


    IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Secure Device Identity

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 802.1AR-2009

    IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks - Secure Device Identity

    • Historical Version