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About This Item


Full Description

Good airflow control results when solid mechanical design is combined with excellent control strategy. Modern building requirements for the coordination of air ventilation, pressurization,temperature control, fire and smoke control, and energy reduction require integration at every level of design and operation.

Dampers and Airflow Control is the first book of its kind. It bridges the gap between mechanical design and final damper control. This book covers not only theoretical aspects of application design but also practical aspects of existing applications, and the material applies to both new and retrofit projects.

Among the topics discussed are new ASHRAE damper testing data, realistic but simplified pressure drop calculations, damper installations, and methods for economizers and minimum outdoor-air control. Tactics to linearize system airflow using damper response curves are also discussed, and new methods--not found in existing literature--are presented to characterize damper response to fit a process. Additional topics include torque, linkages, structural support, actuation, and engineered damper assemblies.

Dampers and Airflow Control is written for building systems designers and contractors and provides sound examples and best practices to achieve good airflow control.

Keywords: dampers, airflow, airflow control