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Full Description

The Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning is designed for architects, design engineers, contractors, commissioning agents, and all other professionals concerned with IAQ. This comprehensive publication provides both summary and detailed guidance in the form of a printed book and accompanying CD.

The complete text may be downloaded for free File size for the free download: 72 MG.

The summary guidance gives you:

  • Best practices for all aspects of IAQ building design, commissioning and construction, including designing for maintainability
  • Tools and material for demonstrating the value of IAQ to clients
  • 40 strategies for achieving 8 critical IAQ objectives

The detailed guidance (included on a companion CD) provides:

  • Hundreds of internal and external links to invaluable IAQ resources
  • Access to an incredible variety of in-depth information by topic to help you design construct and operate acceptable IAQ

Companion CD is Windows and Mac compatible; Adobe Reader is necessary to access the software.

Keywords: IAQ, health, IEQ, Indoor Environmental Quality

Citation: ASHRAE Book