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Full Description

CEA-2013 defines maximum background mode (SLEEP state) energy consumption of basic digital set top boxes (STBs), whose primary function is video reception and delivery. SLEEP state energy consumption is important since digital STBs spend large amounts of time in this state when consumers are not watching television. CEA-2013 also provides a detailed SLEEP state power measurement specification and procedure, which is included in Annex A. CEA-2013 Annex A can be used as the test method for specifying SLEEP state power of any STB, including types with advanced features. Measurement methods defined in CEA-2013 are applicable to both basic and advanced STB types.

Document History

  1. CTA 2043

    Set-top Box (STB) Power Measurement (Formerly ANSI/CEA 2043)

    • Most Recent
  2. CTA 2022

    Digital STB Active Power Consumption Measurement (Formerly CEA)

    • Historical Version
  3. CTA 2013-A


    Digital STB Background Power Consumption (Formerly ANSI/CEA-2031 (R2014))

    • Historical Version