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NOTE: This bulletin was withdrawn by CEA's Video Systems Committee on December 20, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) was requested by its members to develop a recommended practice for the presentation of technical information for camcorders and recording video cameras. The R4.2 subcommittee found that that in current practice most manufacturers include a "specification page" in the product's owner's manual. The specific information given on this page varies widely from manufacturer or brand. Information is often insufficient, overcomplicated and sometimes obsolete. The purpose of this recommended practice is to include essential information for the camcorder user and to standardize the format for the presentation of the information. Specification information should be included in product's owner's manuals, users guides or other instruction manuals that are packed in with the product when it is sold. Specification information may also be included in product brochures and other advertising literature. Manufacturers should list guidelines for battery run time and provide an explanation of how the run time was measured. Note continuous versus average run times should be explained. Suggestions for additions and modifications should be made to CEA R4.2 subcommittee.