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Full Description

This Guideline outlines methods to estimate the sustainability of engineered structures on permafrost foundations over their service lives in northern Canada. The objective is to mitigate climate-change- induced risk of system failure at the design stage. The intent is to accommodate climate change effects anticipated throughout the Canadian North. This Guideline was developed initially in 2010 for community decision makers so that the impacts of climate change on permafrost are considered during the siting, design, and management of new community infrastructure. This updated version is more general and is applicable to all new infrastructure in permafrost regions, including those for resource development. The guideline will assist engineering design of new infrastructure to be built on permafrost.

Document History

  1. CSA PLUS 4011:19


    Technical guide: Infrastructure in permafrost: A guideline for climate change adaptation

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA PLUS 4011-10

    Technical guide: Infrastructure in permafrost: A guideline for climate change adaptation

    • Historical Version