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This International Standard specifies the qualification and certification of personnel involved in non-destructive testing (NDT). It is applicable to proficiency in one or more of the following methods:

  • acoustic emission testing;
  • eddy current testing;
  • infrared thermographic testing;
  • leak testing (hydraulic pressure tests excluded);
  • magnetic particle testing;
  • penetrant testing;
  • radiographic testing;
  • strain testing;
  • ultrasonic testing;
  • visual testing (direct unaided visual tests and visual tests carried out during the application of another NDT method are excluded).

Certification to this International Standard provides an attestation of general competence of the NDT operator. It does not represent an authorization to operate, since this remains the responsibility of the employer, and the certified employee may require additional specialized knowledge of parameters such as equipment, NDT procedures, materials and products of the employer. Where required by regulatory requirements and codes, the authorization to operate will be given in writing by the employer in accordance with a quality procedure that defines any employer-required job-specific training and examinations designed to verify the certificate holder's knowledge of relevant industry code(s), standard(s), NDT procedures, equipment, and acceptance criteria for the tested products.

The system specified by this International Standard could also be applicable to other NDT methods,where independent certification programs exist.

NOTE Wherever the gender-specific word "his" or "he" appears in this International Standard, the feminine form "her" or "she" is equally applicable.


Document History

  1. CAN/CGSB 48.9712-2014 ISO 9712:2012, IDT

    Non-destructive Testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel (ISO 9712:2012, IDT)

    • Most Recent
  2. CAN/CGSB 48.9712-2006 / ISO 9712:2005


    Non-destructive Testing; Qualification and Certification of Personnel

    • Historical Version
  3. CAN/CGSB 48.9712-2000

    Non-destructive Testing - Qualification and Certification of Personnel

    • Historical Version
  4. CAN/CGSB 48.9712-95

    Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel

    • Historical Version