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The equilibrium gas solubility, viscosity, and density of R134a in synthetic 32 ISO VG and 100 ISO VG branched acid pentaerythritol polyolester lubricants have been measured by an oscillating body viscometer that allows direct measurement of density and gas concentration at isothermal and at equilibrium pressure conditions. Specifically, the concentration of dissolved gas ranges from 2% to more than 65% by weight in the specified temperature range of -25 deg C to 125 deg C (-13 deg F to 257 deg F) and within the highest pressure of 3,445 kPa (500 psia). The smoothed graphical data presented were obtained from individual isothermal measurements. The individual isothermal measurement temperatures detail the composition of the equilibrium gas solubility, vapour pressure, concentration as percent by weight, and viscosity in centipoise (cP) and centistokes (cSt).

KEYWORDS: solubility, viscosity, density, measuring, refrigerants, lubricants, R134a, gas, content, isothermal, equilibrium, pressure, temperature, vapour pressure, experiment

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1994, Vol.100, Part 2, Paper number 3804 (RP-716), 220-230, 11 figs., refs., bib.