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Explores the application of preview control to HVAC systems. Considers a multizone space-heating (MZSH) system consisting of a boiler, two heat pumps (one for each zone) two environmental zones and the associated distribution network. The system consists of five controllers. The control problem is to maintain the zone temperatures and the boiler temperature at some specified setpoints irrespective of the changes in the space heating loads acting on the zones. By treating the disturbances (such as outdoor temperatures) as previewable, decentralised preview controllers for the MZSH system are designed. Gives simulation results showing the closed-loop responses of the system with and without preview control.

KEYWORDS: Controls, forecasting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, designing, space heating, calculating

Citation: ASHRAE Trans. 1994, vol.100, part 2, paper number 3793, 102-113, 12 figs, 1 tab.