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Providing thermal comfort and good air quality are important factors to create a healthy and comfortable environment for passengers inairplane. The current ventilation system is the mixed one, 50% of air is fresh air from outside and the other 50% is recirculated airfrom the cabin. Personalized systems are introduced to improve those two factors. In this research the air distribution system is acombined system between the mixed ventilation system and the gaspers, the effect of the gaspers are investigated on the whole cabin ofthe economy section of BOEING 777 commercial aircraft. Temperature and velocity distributions are discussed; also PMV andPPD are used to predict the thermal sensation of passengers. It was found that the gaspers increase the air velocity in the cabin, makesthe temperature distribution more uniform, and provide thermal comfort for passenger on his demand. The investigation isdone by computational fluid dynamics package (ANSYS FLUENT 15.0), FLUENT is the solver, it solves thecontinuity, momentum, energy, and turbulence model equations. Meshes with sizes between 6,000,000 and 7,000,000 cells aregenerated in each case.

Citation: 2018 Annual Conference, Houston, TX, Conference Papers