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About This Item


Full Description

The 9th Edition of the Masonry Designers? Guide, designated as the MDG-2016 so that readers know it is based on the 2016 TMS 402 and TMS 602 has been completely updated. Numerous additions and changes have been made, including a new Chapter on Reinforcement and Connectors, discussion and examples on new TMS 402-16 provisions, information related to masonry design requirements in the 2018 International Building Code (IBC), and updates related to new loading requirements in ASCE 7-16.

The MDG-2016 is an excellent resource for designers as well as students learning about masonry because it:
  • was developed by dozens of masonry experts who are familiar both with masonry design and with the Code requirements governing masonry's use
  • includes over 110 practical examples of typical masonry buildings and components
  • provides practical tips on how to quickly and efficiently design typical masonry
  • includes drawings and photographs to illustrate concepts and procedures discussed
Topics covered in the 21 chapters of the MDG-2016 include masonry materials, testing, quality assurance, quality control, construction methods, structural design, seismic design, and using the TMS 402/602 with model Building Codes. A companion website has been created to provide users with additional resources including the complete MDG-2016 for reference (print protected, read only format), Excel spreadsheets used in some of the design examples and select technical notes on clay brick and concrete masonry that are often used by designers are included on this website.

The MDG has become one of the most popular design guides for masonry due to its extensive examples and practical coverage of masonry design issues.

Document History

  1. TMS MDG-16


    Masonry Designers' Guide - 2016

    • Most Recent
  2. TMS MDG-13

    Masonry Designers' Guide- 8th edition

    • Historical Version
  3. TMS MDG-7

    Masonry Designers' Guide-7th edition

    • Historical Version
  4. TMS MDG-6

    Masonry Designers' Guide 6th edition

    • Historical Version
  5. TMS MDG-5

    Masonry Designer's Guide 5th edition

    • Historical Version