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What's New in Version 5.0

Version 5.0 CM templates have been reviewed and updated to insure compliance with the Software CM requirements of IEC 62304, Medical device software - Software life cycle processes. This includes updates to the Change Control and Software Release templates so that they can be used for the 62304 Problem Resolution and Software Release processes as well. In addition, as part of this update, the traceability section has been updated to show clearly and succinctly how 12207, 15288, and 62304 relate to one another.

Version 5.0 still contains the many illustrative diagrams introduced in Version 3.0. SEPT believes these diagrams will continue to provide added value in the implementation and communication of CM processes.


This document contains a set of templates that enable engineers and managers to implement effective, standards-compliant software configuration management (CM). The templates found in this document conform to the software CM requirements specified in standards ISO/IEC 12207:2008, Software life cycle processes, ISO/IEC 15288:2008, System life cycle processes, and IEC 62304, Medical Device Software - Software Life Cycle Processes. These templates provide generic descriptions and instructions that are compliant with the above standards and provide a structure within which you can include project-specific information. Once tailored, the templates become a complete set of documents that allow implementation of software configuration management compliant with both international and project-specific requirements.

Thirteen templates are provided. They are:
  • Software Configuration Management Policy
  • Software Configuration Management Strategy
  • Software Configuration Management Organization Charts
  • Software Configuration Management Plan
  • Software Configuration Management Process
  • Software Configuration Identification Procedure
  • Software Configuration Change Control Procedure
  • Software Configuration Status Accounting Procedure
  • Software Configuration Item Check-in and Check-out Procedure
  • Software Configuration Audits and Reviews Procedure
  • Subcontractor Software Configuration Control Procedure
  • External Interface Configuration Control Procedure
  • Software Product Release and Delivery Procedure

In addition to the templates shown above, this document provides five different aids to help tailor the templates.

Every Template comes with three hours of free consultation. SEPT will answer any question concerning the template for 60 days after purchase. Order this great configuration management set of templates today!

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