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About This Item


Full Description

Scope has been broadened to allow use as DTM or as a topcoat over compatible primer (2004 version was a topcoat only)

Coating is suitable for exposure in Environmental Zones 2A (frequently wet by fresh water) and 2B (frequently wet by salt water) -- was formerly limited to interior and exterior normally dry exposures.

The standard is now a performance-based standard, including requirements for many performance properties not mentioned in the 2004 version.
  • Composition requirements for Nonvolatile Vehicle and Total Solids by Volume have been removed.
  • Corrosion resistance and humidity resistance requirements have been added (rust, blistering, and undercutting after accelerated test cabinet exposure), replacing criteria for B 117 salt spray resistance
    • Wet abrasion resistance has been removed
    • Sag resistance now measured per D4400 not D2801
Test panels must meet requirements of SSPC-PA 15, with exception of profile range of 1.75 to 2.25 mils

Requirements for DFT of DTM finish coat and for DFT of finish coat plus primer (system) have been added.

Document History

  1. SSPC Paint 24


    Latex Exterior Finish Coat for Steel Surfaces, Performance-Based

    • Most Recent
  2. SSPC Paint 24

    Latex Semigloss Exterior Topcoat (Includes 2004 Revisions)

    • Historical Version