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Full Description

This standard defines a bit-serial data structure and the coaxial cable interface specifications for 1.5 Gb/s [nominal] Signal/Data Serial Interface to carry either 1280x720, 1920x1080 or 2048x1080 active pixel formats mapped into the 1.5 Gb/s payload. This standard defines the method of serializing the parallel source format data to a serial bit stream. This interface may also carry packetized data mapped into the 1.5 Gb/s transport payload providing the constraints imposed by the reference source image formats are observed.

This standard specifies a coaxial cable interface suitable for application where the signal loss does not exceed an amount specified by the receiver manufacturer, typical loss amounts would be in the range of up to 20 dB at one-half the clock frequency.

Document History

  1. SMPTE ST 292-1:2012


    1.5 Gb/s Signal Data Serial Interface

    • Most Recent
  2. SMPTE ST 292-1:2011

    1.5 Gb/s Signal Data Serial Interface

    • Historical Version
  3. SMPTE 292-2008

    1.5 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface (Revision of SMPTE 292-2006)

    • Historical Version
  4. SMPTE 292M-1998

    Television - Bit-Serial Digital Interface for High-Definition Television Systems

    • Historical Version