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Full Description

This standard presents a specification for Digital Certificates. The standard defines the Digital Certificate format and associated processing rules in sufficient detail to enable vendors to develop and implement interoperable security solutions.

The Digital Certificate standard is based on a constrained form of the X.509v3 [X.509] format and processing rules. Only the most widely supported features of X.509v3 are used in order to give vendors a large selection of X.509v3 development toolkits and certificate issuing products. The constraints also avoid the complexity and ambiguity that often occurs in systems that use X.509v3 certificates.

In the D-Cinema environment, certificates have these primary applications:
  • Establishing identity of security devices
  • Supporting secure communications at the network layer (e.g. TLS) or application-messaging layer (e.g., Extra Theater Messages [ETM])
  • Authentication and integrity requirements for Composition Play Lists (CPL) and Packing Lists (PL)

Document History

  1. SMPTE 430-2:2017


    D-Cinema Operations - Digital Certificate

    • Most Recent
  2. SMPTE 430-2-2006

    D-Cinema Operations - Digital Certificate

    • Historical Version