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This standard specifies the mapping of MPEG streams, as identified by an ISO 13818-1 stream_id value, into the MXF generic container. This includes, but is not limited to, ISO 13818-2 MPEG video stream, ISO 11172- 2 MPEG video streams, ISO 13818-3 MPEG audio streams, and ISO 11172-3 MPEG audio streams. Provision is made for mapping the content with or without the ISO 13818-1 PES layer. Provision is also made for single stream mapping and synchronized multi-stream mapping. The document outlines synchronization requirements for the MXF encapsulation of co-timed MPEG essence streams. This standard defines SMPTE universal labels to be used to uniquely identify specific MPEG implementations. This standard also provides for clip wrapping a single program MPEG program stream or transport stream multiplex. Support for multi-program MPEG multiplexes is not provided in this standard. Support for transport streams where some of the transport stream packets have been removed is not provided in this standard. This standard does not map MPEG PSI or DVB-SI or ATSC-PSIP to any metadata scheme. In order to achieve interoperability within any given operational pattern, restrictions may be placed on the way in which this essence container can be implemented. The reader is advised to carefully study the appropriate operational pattern document before implementation.