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This standard defines a number of descriptive metadata frameworks collectively called the MXF descriptive metadata scheme-1 (DMS-1). Each descriptive metadata (DM) framework is defined by a logical structure of metadata sets that allows them to be used as a 'plug-in' to the header metadata of a material exchange format (MXF) file. These descriptive metadata (DM) frameworks and their associated metadata sets may be applied to any MXF operational pattern specification. Every DM framework in this DM scheme shares the same underlying data model. The standard defines each DM framework as a set structure and includes a definition for all individual metadata sets used in this scheme. All metadata sets are defined in tabular form including a reference to the SMPTE metadata dictionary for each metadata property. The document also defines how these DM frameworks relate to the audio-visual content of the body of an MXF file to enhance the usability of the audio-visual content of an MXF file through descriptive metadata. NOTE - This standard is a dynamic document which allows new components to be added according to the procedures described in the SMPTE 359M. Specifically, new metadata DM frameworks, sets and individual metadata properties may be added to this standard in future revisions as requirements emerge. In order to maintain backwards compatibility, no DM framework, metadata set or metadata property defined in this document shall be removed or otherwise changed in such future revisions.