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This product is a zip file that contains files that consist of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker, PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3 format) as noted.
Industry migration to lower GWP refrigerants requires an evaluation of lubricants and compressor lubrication. This seminar examines what is needed in lubricant design when implementing change from different refrigerant chemistry. Industry experts in lubricant strategy and compressor lubrication explore what is required to maintain effective system reliability and efficiency through examination of system chemistry, material compatibility and lubricant-refrigerant interaction which helps determine proper bearing lubrication. Techniques in lubricant evaluation, examples of lubricant options for next generation lower GWP refrigerants and optimized compressor lubrication are identified.
1. The Chemistry of Refrigeration Lubricants for Low GWP Refrigerants
Edward Hessell, Ph.D., Member, Lanxess Solutions US, Inc., Naugatuck, CT
2. Lubricant Strategies for Lower GWP Refrigerants
Joseph Karnaz, Member, Shrieve Chemical Products, Inc, The Woodlands, TX
3. Revisiting the Chemical Stability of Refrigerants and Lubricants
Julie Majurin, Member, CPI Fluid Engineering, Midland, MI
4. Effects of the Low GWP Refrigerants on Screw Compressor Lubrication Systems
Kevin Hughes, Ingersoll Rand Trane Commercial HVAC, La Crosse, WI