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All Alerts are included in the document

127-A End Closure

127-B Door Edge Cutouts

127-C Frame Cutout Limits

127-D Electric Strikes in Stud Walls

127-E Prime Painted Materials Alert

127-F Butted Frames Rough Opening Sizes

127-G Environmental Considerations Relating to Factory Painted Steel Doors and Frames

127-H Water Penetration

127-I Grouting Frames in Drywall

127-J Bituminous Back-Coating of Frames

127-K Improper Wedges as Hold-Opens

127-L Buyer Beware - Steel Doors with Lead-Based Primer

Document History

  1. SDI 127-06 (R2014)


    Industry Alert Series (A - L)

    • Most Recent
  2. SDI 127-01

    Series - Industry Alert

    • Historical Version
  3. SDI 127-99

    Series - Industry Alert

    • Historical Version
  4. SDI 127

    Series - Industry Alert

    • Historical Version