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Full Description

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) describes standard methods for drying commercial aircraft composite structures prior to repair and gives general guidelines on use and applicability.

It addresses the removal of liquids that have collected inside the structures through open damage, microcracks, or porosity and the removal of absorbed moisture from the composite material. The methods described in this document shall only be used when specified in an approved repair document or with the agreement of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or regulatory authority. If this document is used for the drying of materials other than thermosetting composite materials, the fitness for this purpose must be determined by the user.

The purpose of this document is to provide a set of standard drying methods that may be referenced in repair documents produced by airlines or airframe and engine manufacturers. It is intended that this document be one of a number of ARPs that will cover other aspects of the techniques required to perform composite repairs. This will provide a suite of available repair techniques that are acceptable for use throughout the commercial aircraft industry.

Document History

  1. SAE ARP497B

    Precision Control Motors ¿¿¿ 400 Cycles (Stabilized: Nov 2017)

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  2. SAE ARP4977



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  3. SAE ARP497A


    • Historical Version