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The primary objective of this program was to measure the performance of high-intensity, electric and gas-fired infrared space heating systems in order to determine thermal comfort level, and energy consumption to confirm the conclusions of ASHRAE Research Project RP-41. Briefly stated the conclusions of RP-41 are as follows:

1. For environmental conditions with varying ambient temperatures and radiant heat, comfort may be described by the operative temperature.

2. Comfort is not described by any single temperature level, but.usually falls in a wide range of operative or ambient temperatures.

3. Physiological factors, such as metabolic rate, evaporative loss and the vascular regulation of peripheral blood flow, can each affect the level of thermal equilibrium and perhaps comfort by 2 to 4 degrees fahrenheit.

4. A normal physiological state is not necessarily the most comfortable to an individual.

5. A method has been presented showing how much radiant heat may be required to balance out the discomfort of low ambient air temperatures.