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The goal of this project was to create a set of data definitions used to describe Data Elements in order to facilitate data exchange between HVAC&R software. Today, many steps in the complex process of designing, constructing, and maintaining a building involve people using different software applications. Unfortunately, many of these applications cannot take advantage of information used in previous steps of the process because no common data format is widely used for HVAC&R software. This leads to significant inefficiency in the HVAC&R industry and indirectly to the construction and operation of lower performance buildings.

The objective of this research is to assemble information supporting development of interoperability among software applications used at all stages of the HVAC&R project life-cycle. Based on comparison and analysis of existing data models and the GPC-20P use cases, the research will identify, characterize, and document:

  • Core data items: generally required items defined similarly in multiple data models;
  • Extension data items: items suggested by use cases but not well represented in existing models;
  • Conflicting / problem items: items that are addressed inconsistently in existing models; and
  • Mappings among existing data models: information supporting translation among existing models.

This information will be presented in tabular and text form for use in the development of Guideline 20P, other standards or guidelines, and software applications.

A secondary objective is to produce a demonstration implementation of automated inter-model data exchange.

This is a zipped file containing the final report, Appendices A-G, a spreadsheet of data groups and three software applications (one .F90, two .XSLT files).