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This popular book has been updated to reflect the expanded content of the fourth edition of the Radiographic Testing Handbook, including digital radiography. Contents are divided into four parts. Part 1: fundamentals, radiographic geometry, and scatter control. Part 2: film image formation and viewing in radiographic testing. Part 3: film digitization, digital image basics, image information, human perception and image display, image enhancement, principles of computed radiography, and an overview of digital radiography. Part 4: discontinuity indications in metal castings and welds.

Document History

  1. Radiographic Interpretations, Revised Edition 2020 (10168)


    Radiographic Interpretations, Revised Edition 2020 (10168)

    • Most Recent
  2. Radiographic Interpretation (ASNT 0008)

    Radiographic Interpretation (ASNT 0008)

    • Historical Version