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About This Item


Full Description

This upgrade software enhances the functionality of ASHRAE's Psychrometric Analysis CD.

Please note: You will not receive a new CD.


  • Individual Process Line Color Control
  • Individual Point Color, Shape and Size Control
  • Black & White or Color Display Preference
  • Heading On/Off Preference
  • Chart Area Outline On/Off Preference
  • Humidity Ratio Unit of Measure Preference selection
  • Mouse Cross-Hair (Like CAD) or Target Preference
  • Page Color Preference
  • Chart Area Color Preference
  • Language update with (13) different Languages on Charts and Reports (Greek, Japanese & Dutch Languages added)
  • Ability for user to Draw constant h, WB, HR, DB Lines
  • Zoom Window Control
  • Process FlowChart Diagram Preference
  • Global Weather Data & Bin Data Plotting on the chart
  • Global Weather Bin Data Table access
  • Fog Region Property Display
  • Outside Air Updated to ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004
  • Ability to see ASHRAE Class 1 through 4 Datacenter Zones (allowed & recommended) shown on chart
  • Ability to see NEBS Datacenter Zones (allowed & recommended) shown on chart
  • Ability to add menu shortcuts to other user defined "ToolBox" Programs for quick access to your other engineering programs
  • Added Utilities such as Thermal Comfort, Single & Double Interpolation, Wind Chill, Fan Laws, and Duct Pressure Drop
  • Instructions for installing and using the upgrade are included in the download

Note: You must have the ASHRAE Psychrometric CD installed to complete the upgrade. This upgrade will work on ANY previous ASHRAE Psychrometric CD version (v6, v5, etc). The file is zipped, so you must also have WinZip or another similar program to open the file. Due to large file size, we recommend broadband connection (Cable/DSL/T1) when downloading the file. File Size: 60MB (60,000,000 bytes)

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