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In 1976 ASHRAE TC 8.3, Absorption Machines, initiated a project to review the properties of aqueous solutions of lithium bromide currently published by ASHRAE in the Fundamentals and Equipment Handbooks for the purpo~e of publishing data consistent with that used by industry in future handbook editions. All of the major manufacturers of lithium bromide absorption equipment in the United states participated by supplying their properties data. The review compared vapor pressure and enthalpy data and the sources of the data submitted.

In 1977 the results of the above mentioned review were presented to ASHRAE TC 8.3 with the recommendation that the Carrier Duhring chart and enthalpy-concentration diagram be used as the basis for new published data because they gave a good representation of the properties over the range of conditions considered. Accordingly, these charts were published in the 1977 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals (12). The documentation of these two lithium bromide charts form the basis of this paper.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, Volume 85, Part 1, Philadelphia, PA