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About This Item


Full Description

After ten years, the long awaited revision of the ANSI Z136.6 Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors is here! This standard sees updates to nearly the entire document - expanding and modernizing the established topics and sections.

The 2015 revision of the ANSI Z136.6 Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors is the premier safety standard and a necessary tool for anyone operating a laser system in an open-air environment. This newly revised document provides guidance for the safe use of potentially hazardous lasers and laser systems (180 nm to 1 mm), where the establishment of open beam paths is necessitated. When used in conjunction with the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers, the Z136.6 ensures that your outdoor laser applications are in conformity with the latest safety guidelines.

This latest edition was created with the goal to update, clarify, and streamline an already established, recognized standard to better reflect today's outdoor laser operator's needs.

Some of the changes to the 2015 edition include:
  • Single column format and index for improved readability and searchability, and color added to figures for ease of use.
  • Added definition of "Control Measures" with explanation of preferred categories.
  • Complete rewrite of the Control Measures section to include the removal of most manufacturer-specific requirements, and the addition of an expanded and standalone military-specific section.
  • Metric unit standardization across the standard means no more pesky conversions.
  • New definitions and expanded content for visual interference zones around airports and general critical tasks.
  • FAA coordination requirements clarified.
  • Laser hazard classification revised to include a comparison table between 2000 and 2014 version of ANSI Z136.1 and better explain the purpose and types of hazard classification.
  • General section and formatting updates to better reflect today's jargon.

Document History

  1. LIA Z136.6-2015


    Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors

    • Most Recent
  2. LIA Z136.6-2005

    Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors

    • Historical Version