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Air finned-tube evaporators and/or condensers, are the predominant type of heat exchangers used in building air conditioning applications. The compact V-shaped, or sometimes called A–shaped, finned-tube heat exchanger installation considerably enhance the capacity of heat transfer by allowing the maximum number of coils installed in a given space and increasing the total surface area of heat transfer. On the other hand, this design configuration creates noticeable problems of uneven distribution of air flow velocity over the heat exchanger surfaces, which decreases the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. In this work, we use computational methods to investigate the problems of mismatch between the air and refrigerant flow distributions, and propose different engineering solutions at air flow side as well as refrigerant flow side to remedy the problems. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and Thermodynamics software Engineering Equation Solver (EES) are employed. Limited experiments are conducted to verify the concept of the proposed engineering designs.

Citation: 2017 Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, Conference Papers