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Full Description

ISO 9186-1:2014 specifies a method for testing the comprehensibility of graphical symbols. It provides a measure of the extent to which a variant of a graphical symbol communicates its intended message. The purpose is to ensure that graphical symbols and signs using graphical symbols are readily understood. The intention is to encourage the development of graphical symbols which are correctly understood by users when no supplementary (i.e. explanatory) text is presented. When such a graphical symbol cannot be developed, it might be necessary to present a graphical symbol together with supplementary text explaining its meaning in the language of the intended users.


Document History

  1. ISO 9186-1:2014


    Graphical symbols - Test methods - Part 1: Method for testing comprehensibility

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 9186-1:2007

    Graphical symbols - Test methods - Part 1: Methods for testing comprehensibility

    • Historical Version
  3. ISO 9186:2001

    Graphical symbols -- Test methods for judged comprehensibility and for comprehension

    • Historical Version