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While many ISO 9001:2000 books explain what each clause of the new standard means, this book focuses on the quality manual itself. This specialized guide shows you what is required to be in you?re your manual and helps you determine how to include it in a manner that is helpful and appropriate for your organization. One of the main features of this book is the inclusion of a sample practical quality manual. Grimes shows you how to develop each section of your manual and describes why each section of the sample manual is necessary for that company. For those who like to have a visual example of what the end product of your manual may look like, this book offers that and more. Many organizations have already used the sample in this book to guide them in developing their own customized manual and none have failed to achieve certification. As ISO 9001:2000 offers a great deal of flexibility in determining what is appropriate for your organization, this book details how you can customize your manual to be just right for you.