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Full Description

ISO 4190-5:2006 specifies the control devices, buttons and indicators to be provided when a lift (US: elevator) is constructed and installed, taking into account the type of control intended for the lift and also ensuring the ease of access for disabled persons (motor and/or sensory). It also specifies the requirements for handrails when provided in the car. It is applicable to lifts of classes I to IV and VI as defined in ISO 4190-1 and ISO 4190-2.


Document History

  1. ISO 4190-5:2006


    Lift (Elevator) installation - Part 5: Control devices, signals and additional fittings

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 4190-5:1987

    Lifts and service lifts (USA: Elevators and dumbwaiters) -- Part 5 : Control devices, signals and additional fittings

    • Historical Version