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Full Description

This International Standard specifies test methods and minimum performance requirements for protective clothing that relies upon the ability of the outer material to reflect intense radiant heat.

The clothing covered by this International Standard is intended to provide protection against flame lick and intense radiant heat and it should be worn for short periods only.

Subject to a risk assessment, this type of clothing may also be used for certain industrial and other applications.

Subject to a risk assessment, other types of protective clothing, for example clothing complying with the requirements of ISO 11613, may be used for the types of firefighting and industrial applications envisaged by this International Standard in conjunction with appropriate protection for the head, face, hands and feet as well as suitable respiratory protection.

This International Standard does not consider requirements for the protection of the head (including the face), hands and feet other than those specified in 4.2 and 4.3. Any other requirements specific to the protection of head (including the face), hands and feet required by the user should be determined by a risk assessment and specified.