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Full Description

This standard gives procedural instructions for approval testing of thermal sprayers. It defines essential requirements, ranges of approval, test conditions, acceptance requirements and certification for approval testing of thermal spray performance.

During the approval test the thermal sprayer shall be required to show adequate practical experience and job knowledge of thermal spraying processes, materials and safety requirements for which he is to be approved; information on these aspects is given in Annex A.

This standard shall be used when the thermal sprayer's approval is required by the standard, the purchaser, by inspection authorities or by other organisations.

The thermal spraying processes referred to in this standard include those spraying processes which are designated as manual or mechanized.

Due to the variety and specialisation of automatic systems for thermal spraying where the thermal sprayer has no direct influence on the spraying process, this standard is not applicable in those circumstances.

The certificate of approval testing is issued under the sole responsibility of the examiner or test body.


Document History

  1. ISO 14918:2018

    Thermal spraying - Qualification testing of thermal sprayers

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 14918:1998


    Thermal spraying - Approval testing of thermal sprayers

    • Historical Version