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Full Description

This International Standard was developed to help particle size analysts make good dispersions from powder/liquid combinations with which they are not experienced. It provides procedures for

  • wetting a powder into a liquid;
  • deagglomerating the wetted clumps;
  • determining if solution composition can be adjusted to prevent reagglomeration;
  • selecting dispersing agents to prevent reagglomeration;
  • evaluating the stability of the dispersion against reagglomeration.

This International Standard is applicable to particles ranging in size from approximately 0,05 to 100 μm. It provides a series of questions on the nature of the powder and liquid involved. The answers are used with charts that guide the user to generic dispersing agents that are likely to be suitable for dispersing the powder in the liquid.

This International Standard applies only to the preparation of simple, dilute dispersions (less than 1 % by volume solids) for particle size analysis. It does not deal with the formulation of complex and commercial mixtures highly loaded with solids, such as paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and composite plastics.