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About This Item


Full Description

This standard provides guidance on levels of imperfections in electron and laser beam welded joints in aluminium and its alloys. Three levels are given in such a way as to permit application for a wide range of welded fabrications. The levels refer to production quality and not to the fitness-for-purpose of the product manufactured.

This standard applies to electron and laser beam welding of:

  • aluminium and its alloys;
  • all types of welds welded with or without additional filler wire;
  • materials equal to or above 1 mm thickness for electron and laser beam welding.

When significant deviations from the joint geometries and dimensions stated in this standard are present in the welded product, it is necessary to evaluate to what extent the provisions of this standard can apply.

Metallurgical aspects, e.g. grain size, hardness are not covered by this standard.


Document History

  1. ISO 13919-2:2021

    Electron and laser-beam welded joints - Requirements and recommendations on quality levels for imperfections - Part 2: Aluminium, magnesium and their alloys and pure copper

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 13919-2:2001


    Welding - Electron and laser beam welded joints - Guidance on quality levels for imperfections - Part 2: Aluminium and its weldable alloys

    • Historical Version