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About This Item


Full Description

This International Standard specifies test methods and minimum requirements for protective clothing to be worn during firefighting and associated activities where there is a risk of heat and/or flame.

This International Standard covers the general clothing design, the minimum performance levels of the materials used, and the methods of test for determining these performance levels. Clauses 4 and 5 define two separate sets of design and performance requirements.

This International Standard does not cover special clothing for use in other high risk situations such as specialized firefighting, or clothing for use in long term firefighting operations in high ambient temperature, for example brush, wildland, or forest firefighting. It does not cover protection for the head, hands and feet or protection against other hazards, for example chemical, biological, radiation and electrical hazards. These aspects may be dealt with in other standards.

Selection of the appropriate system of clothing is dependent on carrying out an effective risk assessment which identifies the hazards to be faced, evaluates the likelihood of those hazards, and provides the means to reduce or eliminate these hazards. Details on one example at a recommended risk assessment approach and some factors for consideration are included in annex F.


Document History

  1. ISO 11613:2017

    Protective clothing for firefighters who are engaged in support activities associated with structural fire fighting - Laboratory test methods and performance

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 11613:1999


    Protective clothing for firefighters -- Laboratory test methods and performance requirements

    • Historical Version